Why You Should Care about Professionalism in the Workplace

With the #MeToo movement still prominent, the idea of professionalism is in the spotlight now more than ever and rightly so. Professionalism in the workplace plays a key role in the long-term success of any business, no matter the scale.

For a company to provide quality goods/services, the company culture must bring about a level of respect and professionalism amongst employees, and as the CEO, you must be the example.

Professionalism Creates Boundaries

The establishment of boundaries within the workplace is important. Just like a family unit needs boundaries to coexist and thrive, workplace boundaries are necessary to enable a culture where employees can function at their highest potential comfortably and professionally. Allowing employees to speak in any condescending or negative way could easily cause offense or lower morale to their coworkers. Setting clear boundaries on what is and isn’t acceptable within the company creates a professional, enjoyable culture where employee relationships are strengthened. You as the CEO must be the one to set these boundaries, to maintain them and to personally live them continuously in your workplace interactions. This can be done through a code of conduct, through company core values and/or through employee reviews that clearly state what is deemed acceptable and unacceptable workplace behavior.

Professionalism Brings about Improvement

Improvement goes beyond just having meetings every now and then or repeating lines of motivational quotes. A professional environment uplifts the company culture. Imagine the image of a person standing on a chair holding the hand of another person who is standing on the ground. It is much easier for the person on the ground to pull the person on the chair down to them than the person on the chair pulling the person on the ground up. This is what happens within the culture of the company. When employees speak in unprofessional or negative ways to each other whether it’s about something personal or professional, it pulls down the working environment. That same attitude can be carried over toward clients or customers as well.

Professionalism Promotes Respect

Professionalism promotes respect within the company culture, which is essential to create a healthy, positive working environment. When all your employees understand what is required of them, the quality of employee relationships will increase along with creativity and productivity. This level of respect will rejuvenate and accelerate the company to new heights.

In the end, as the CEO, model expected behavior, use healthy language and set clear expectations. That professionalism within your company culture that you desire is just a tweak of employee mindset away. The rewards far exceed the effort!

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