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Take a Walk
Wolf Pack
Be a Giver
Be Happy
Be Like Fred
Know Truth
Don't Judge
Be a Honey Badger
Be Humble
Get Back Up
Be a Jedi
Benefits of Service
Dangerous Dreams
What's Your Purpose?
Being a Dad
We're Doing Everything Backwards: Life of Victory Part 2
Relationships and Regulation: Life of Victory Part 4
The Language of Life: Life of Victory Part 6
Conclusion: Life of Victory Part 9
Part 2: How to Promote Discretionary Effort in Your Company
Discretionary Effort With Millennials
Making Your Weaknesses Irrelevant
The Ripple Effect
Get Off Your RAS
How I Got From There to Here: Life of Victory Part 1
Dreamers w/ Greg Furer
Overcoming Leadership Obstacles w/ Doug Smith
Achieving the Necessary Awareness: Life of Victory Part 7
Power of Gratitude
Part 3: Discretionary Effort to Maximize Employees Work
Discretionary Effort With Millennials: Emotional Investment
Finding Your Genius
Attitude of Gratitude
Diversity w/Guest Dr. Paul Spradley
Overcomer w/ Keagan
What's Your Story: Life of Victory Part 3
Escaping the Victim Mentality: Life of Victory Part 5
Emotional Flexibility: Life of Victory Part 8
Part 1: The Value of Discretionary Effort
Part 4: Discretionary Effort Boost Teamwork
Millennial Leadership
The Power of Giving
"Go Giver"