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Center For Victory Trainings empower people to be the leaders and champions they were made to be in life.  We offer the following trainings for group settings:

  • Love, Life, & Leadership
  • Leader & Champion
  • Man Up
  • Couples


The Center For Victory Retreat is a 2 ½ day intensive training event that if you are wanting to be refreshed, renewed and to achieve more in relationships. The retreat experience is time away from the pressures of the world to focus on new, practical models of breaking through barriers to achieve new success. 


We offer a variety of assessments that will equip you to maximize your potential.  The following assessments are available as group trainings:

  • Predictive Index
  • Attribute Index
  • D.I.A.L.O.G. Index
  • DISC Index


We offer private therapy sessions for the following areas:

  • Family
  • Couples

Love Unleashed

Love Unleashed is a ministry that we partner with on international trips to train and equip caretakers of homeless, orphans, and at-risk children.  We join with their vision to cultivate healing and wholeness for these children and caretakers around the world.

Youth Development

We implement The Rising Stars program for our youth development training.  The Rising Stars Process is designed to help today's youth develop their personal leadership skills and begin to set goals and directions for their lives beginning at an earlier age.