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If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then this training is for you!

But don't just take it from me, hear what others have said who have attended the same life changing 2 1/2 days of training:

​"I now realize the vital importance of the exploration of emotion and trauma in the healing process. I feel released, validated, and empowered. I know that I am leaving this training a different person. I know that it will take me some time to process all that I've heard and experienced. But for once, I feel like I have stepped into a new way to live and to love. I started this morning with breathing and meditation before I left the hotel. I want to put this into practice now and work toward being regulated everyday! Thank you for this great opportunity, it was sooo worth it!"                                                                                       ~J.R.- North Carolina

“As a therapist and adoptive parent, this approach is the one that makes sense. Trying to ‘fix’ the child who is struggling overlooks the huge area of influence the parent has for bringing healing to their home. Eric Guy has helped me as a parent/therapist to identify and work through my own triggers so I am able to then go on to positively support and influence my child.”    ~R.S. - Ohio

“Eric is an excellent "top-notch" parenting instructor. His compassion and love for children and the family unit is shown by how he teaches his class and works with you as an individual. I highly recommend him not only as a Parenting Instructor that will teach you to look outside the box but also as an individual who is there when you need them. Anyone who is contemplating adoption, foster care or who is raising a child with behavioral problems please consult with Eric, better yet, take his classes that he offers on his website, I know you will not be disappointed and you will come away with a wealth of knowledge to use as you continue on your journey with your child to form a lasting, loving, peaceful relationship together. Eric is definitely a man of integrity and in my book that says a lot.”                                                                                                                                                                            ~S.E-Tampa

Are you ready for something different?

Are you now ready to stretch and challenge yourself to become the person

and parent you’ve always known you could be?

If so, come join me for 2 ½ days of jammed packed information and experience

that is guaranteed to impact your life!

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*Please also check our calendar for more information regarding this event.

Preview of Retreat Training 

Do you ever feel overwhelmed as a clinician, parent, or provider?​
Do you ask yourself...
  • “Why is this child acting so crazy!?”
  • “Why do the behaviors never end!?”
  • “Why do I feel so frustrated, depressed and angry all the time?”
  • “Who can help me figure this out!?”
  • Have you spent months, even years doing conventional therapy with no results, tried every medication, lost sleep night after night with worry and still don’t know where to turn?

So, let me ask you: Would it benefit you to....

  • Learn the barrier keeping you from going deeper into a relationship with your child?
  • Understand the real meaning of trauma and the implications for healing?
  • Learn how to engage the “resistant” child?
  • Learn how to be the catalyst for change in your child’s life?
  • Find your hidden source of “Therapeutic Power”?
  • Learn how to harness this source to create healing in your home?
  • Learn parenting techniques that you can use without extensive training for working with trauma?
  • Never fear trauma again and learn how to transform this experience into something positive for lifelong renewal and
  • growth?
  • Discover the essential elements of working with foster and adoptive children?
  • Experience the true meaning of healing rather than the traditional medical model focus of “change”?
  • Learn and experience the principles of the Regulatory mode land why once you embrace this model your world changes – and so will your home.

CFV Retreat 

2 1/2 Day Intensive 

Various Locations – Please check calendar

This is an Intensive Attachment training event for anyone willing to achieve more in their relationships. The focus is on those who are challenged with difficult behavior in their home or in their work environment, especially those challenged with individuals diagnosed with RAD, PTSD, Bi-Polar and more. Come prepared to challenge your existing relationship model and the way you see yourself.