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  • Are you one of the newly recognized millions of Americans who is in a committed relationship that has no intimacy?
  • Do you feel that nearly every conversation with your partner has an edge of conflict?
  • Do you feel so exhausted and overwhelmed that the only conversations you have with your partner are around the schedule of life for your family and the most recent episode of trouble behavior with your children?
  • Are you considering divorce?

You are not alone!

Are you and your partner caught in the newly recognized national crisis of a marital relationship with no intimacy? 

Experts say that 40% of women have lost their desire for sexual intimacy. They are too busy, too stressed out and too overwhelmed to be intimate with the person whom they've committed to spending their life with. Consider the decrease in intimacy in relationships and the increase in medications to manage depression and anxiety. Hmmmm, do you think there is a connection?

  • When is the last time you and your partner shared an intimate conversation about your relationship?
  • When is the last time you felt safe and supported by your partner?
  • When is the last time you made love with your partner?

Couples Therapy is designed to support you in reclaiming your loving self, to support you and your partner in gaining a new understanding of yourself and feeling deeply supported and understood. The first step to intimacy is feeling safe. We are committed to helping families and couples. It is our belief that parents are the foundation of the family. The family can only be as stable as the foundation on which it is built. If your relationship is crumbling under the pressure of a stress filled life, please call today.

Why will this work, when other therapies have not?

Most therapy is focused on the cognitive processes through talk therapy, and there is very little attention given to the emotional and spiritual beings. It is commonly accepted that 95% of our behavior is derived from our subconscious, the part of our brain that we are not fully aware of. The subconscious is also the part of our brain where trauma is stored. We are able and willing to truly help families work hard to experience and express their emotions in a way that increases understanding, and helps promote healing at a core level. Be prepared to experience your loving self and the love that your partner has to share.

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