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Made to Last

“Made To Last” is a couples seminar that seeks to help men and women understand that unique characteristics that make a marriage successful.  Participants will receive extensive training in the unique roles that stress and trauma play into a relationship as well as psychological and physiological factors existent in men’s and women’s makeup.  Additionally, participants will receive training in the psychology of 

“regulation,” a new frontier in individual and marital success.  

The true meaning of healing is not synonymous with the traditional medical model of “change.”  In this program, you will learn how to become a catalyst for the right sort of changes in your relationship as a couple. We uncover the barriers preventing you from enjoying a deeper relationship.  You will experience the principles of Regulatory Therapy, which has the power to change your world and your life, once you embrace it.

The seminar will also include communication strategies, keys to abundant marital harmony, and a break down of men’s and women’s needs.  Couples will be given access to resources, including an opportunity to take different inventories, one-of-a-kind assessment tools designed to give depth of insight into individual and relational success and happiness.


Forget “touchy-feely.” Forget that group experience where everyone 
shares their "worst mistakes." Forget blame and shame. This isn’t about that. It’s about you.  And your relationship.  And everything you have always dreamed it could be -- and still can can be. Real. Honest. Powerful. Passionate. Marriage the way YOU want it.
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