Eric Guy, LSW, MSW, is a licensed social worker and internationally acclaimed speaker.  As the founder of Center for Victory, Eric works with individuals, couples, and families across the country and globe to help unlock their personal potential and achieve their greatest success.  Through training, retreats, and customized programs, Eric helps clients to reduce stress, embrace their personal genius, and eliminate barriers to success.

~Eric Guy is not of this world. Neither is his book. In fact, the very idea of overcoming the world’s (our environment’s) negative effect on us is the point of this book. Through his own life experience, shared with great candor, Eric helps us understand how we become angry and fearful people. More important, how we might gain the skills to turn toward our best self and live a victimless life. 
  Tim McCarthy, Founder and Chief Mission Officer, The Business of Good

and author of  Empty Abundance—Finding Meaning Through Mindful Giving

~Eric Guy is a transformational individual and his book is an inspiration for anyone who wants or needs to change his or her life’s journey. If you believe people can change and, especially if you don’t, this book is a must read.  It will be an enriching journey for anyone who reads it.
   Dick Singer, Best Practice Chair, Master Chair
   Vistage International

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In this easy-to-read, yet hard-to-forget book, international relationship expert and therapist Eric Guy shares his personal story of pain, change, and triumph.  Through his own experiences, stories of others, and his unique brand of empathetic direction, Eric shows you:

  • The pathway to choose love over fear
  • How to understand your past and take control of your future
  • How to transform your negative and self-sabotaging thoughts
  • Secrets to building healthy and satisfying relationships
  • The power to step into yourself as a champion

The principles are simple.  Living them out everyday takes practice.  But, as Eric has proven in his own life as well as his work with thousands of clients, the benefits are outstanding - and they can be ours.

Get ready.  This book can change your life.